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July 21st 2024 - 08:47
June 12th, 2007
June 12th, 2007


We traveled into Dublin today to visit the Guinness Storehouse amongst other things. Along the way we stopped at a small harbour and got to see some of the local smaller boats and finished off the day with a side-trip up into the local hills...

We had a slow start and after the previous day and evening experience in our first B&B chose to move to a nearby hotel instead. Once we got that sorted it was off to Dublin via the coast road for some scenic views.

Much of the haze that had been hanging over the water yesterday was gone so we got a good look out to sea and Back over the surrounding countryside. Everything is very lush and green and a beauty to behold. We stopped at a very small fishing harbour at Dalkey on the way and got our to have a look around. Kellei grabbed some photos and we all just sat and soaked up the sea for a few minutes before continuing on to Dublin.

Gerry gave us a bit of a driving tour as we worked our way into the city center and we eventually parked at the Kilkenny Center where we stopped for a quiche lunch. From there we stayed on Foot walking through the College and then across the Liffey to hop on the Luas (a tram system) that we took across town towards Guinness.

Here is where Gerryīs past experience working at the Guinness brewery because invaluable for those with an interest in the black gold (such as us) and he provided an in-depth tour of the real workings as we walked up to the public exhibit as well as extra detail throughout the actual tour. It didnīt hurt that he recognized the Current brew masterīs son working at the ticket booth and swangled us a discount as well!

They had actually improved the Guinness Storehouse since I had been there last as we really enjoyed our trip through - Kellei nabbed loads of photos and we of Course enjoyed the pint (2 actually) at the Bar atop the storehouse overlooking Dublin - we timed it just at closing - but it was still very busy. On leaving we also did our part for capitalism and spent far too much in the gift shop on various trinkets etc (I finally get to replace the Guinness shirt I got last time, wore once, and promptly spilled bleach on!)

After the hustle and bustle of Dublin it was a fine end to the day when Gerry drove us up into the Co. Wicklow Hills before dinner. This was absolutely stunning and a welcome overview of the Irish Countryside. We returned Back to Greystones to enjoy a family dinner with the Keeling Klan, meeting several for the first time, and as seems to be par for the Course ate far too much. A welcome sleep followed with a 0900h start tomorrow on our way out to Gallway.

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