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July 20th 2024 - 02:19
June 8th, 2007
June 8th, 2007

WMRC Wrap-up

The final day of the World Maritime Rescue Congress (WMRC) saw a new Board of trustees and a summation of all the events and discussions of the congress ending at around lunchtime with a fun wrap-up dinner at a local golf Course as a final farewell...

The morning session saw the announcement of the new IMRF Board of trustees and a summary of the discussion from each of the special interest groups. Kellei and I again were removed from this for the most part but we did stick around to observe the proceedings. There was a lot of mention About the role that the web site will play in the new IMRF and I look Forward to remaining to be a part of that aspect.

The evening called for us all to be bussed out to a local golf Course "The Albatross" for a final farewell party modeled after the traditional Swedish Midsummer Festival - this usually happens closer to the end of June but the organizers figured it was īclose enoughī Not entirely "traditional" there was a good amount of just plain fun and silliness as we all tried to sing in Swedish and eventually the dancing started up to a live band (complete with tacky costumes)

It was a beautiful and enjoyable way to end the event and although many caught the first bus Back to the hotel at 2300h (due to early flights home the next day) the party raged on well into the wee hours for others. Iīve never been known as much of a "party animal" myself and we were both so exhausted that we also caught the first bus and within moments of getting Back to the room drifted into a blissful sleep with NO WAKEUP-CALL!

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