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July 20th 2024 - 03:33
September 8th, 2005
September 8th, 2005

Back in the Coffee Again

My Morning Libation
My Morning Libation
When I was young my parents drank only black coffee - I tried it once - must have been About 6 - I nearly threw-up. I tried it again when I was 10 or so in the green room of the Orphium Theatre in Vancouver before going on stage to play violin on the Variety Club Telethon (they had left some in a big pot there) I nearly threw-up again.

That About did it for me for until I was 22 - I was convinced I hated the "black death" as I called it and stuck firmly to tea. Then, whilst weeding the lawn of a sweet old lady in Vancouver I was confronted with a horrible dilemma. The sweet old lady in question had offered up a trey with coffee, cream and sugar and hobbled it down to the garden for me - what to do - make her hobble all the way Back rejected by a "sorry I donīt drink coffee" or suck up and try it again. Iīm a sucker at heart so I did - but lo, what was this - surly not coffee - it was, in fact, sweet cream with a dask of coffee - this I liked - it was just like warm coffee Ice Cream mmmmm - I was sold!

Over the next few years I discovered that I loved "coffee flavoured sweet milk" and started consuming it with gusto - progressing soon thereafter to mochas. The only side-effect of all this was a marked weight gain :<

... Back to the drawing Board.

Enter the Lattee - I trained myself to skip the sugar and increase the milk and slowly moved across to the lattee - now my all time staple - which, of Course, Iīm drinking now. Iīve actually become well known for this - as I gobble them down 5 or 6 a day at times.

Excessive you say - what About all the caffeine?

Well here is a little myth-buster for your morning. The darker the coffee roast, and the less time it takes for water to pass through the grind the less caffeine it has. So all those people drinking super dark roast and taking it as espresso are actually getting less caffeine that if they drank a cup of black tea - thus my drinking dark roast lattees all the time - practically no caffeine but all the taste - and strangely - itīs all the taste of the black coffee which nearly made me puke when I was 10 that I now love.

Tastes certainly do change.

 - looking for good coffee, try what I love:

What prompted all this - all last week when I was sick I couldnīt really enjoy my morning Lattee - now I can :) - thatīs About it.

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