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July 21st 2024 - 08:48
September 6th, 2005
September 6th, 2005

Satellite Tracker

NASA Satellite Tracker Applet
NASA Satellite Tracker Applet
A cool little applet from NASA allows you to track over 500 of the satellites orbiting our very own little earth.

At first glance what really struck me is the sheer amount of stuff that is orbiting us. I always knew there was a lot of it - but never really have seen as good a visual representation as this. In any regard, itīs a good little toy to while away a few hours with - especially for people like me suffering through a nasty little flu.

I must have been run down after working a bit too much both here and in Oklahoma - or perhaps the fire got me stressed more then I realized. Iīm not sure - but this is one doosy of a flu - sapped all my energy and I think I managed to infect Kellei with a touch of it as well :<

It seems as though itīs almost over though - which is good news as I really need to get on with training for ISAR and for my 041 Chart work exam which is one week Thursday (oh great - more stress)!

In SALTS news - Iīm excited to see what comes in terms of photos in the near future - Iīve had 4 people email me wanting an album for Pacific Swift Trip 5 - including someone from right hear in Sechelt (and I apologize - we keep bumping into each other at the local grocery store and I still donīt know your name - you have my permission to get cross at me for that when next we meet) Should be nice to see all these photos when they start to come in.

Well itīs Back to chicken soup and Niquill for me...

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