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May 24th 2016 - 21:19
November 20th, 2006
November 20th, 2006

Very International

Example from new TrackNav System
Example from new TrackNav System
I´m feeling very international today... I have a conference call with New Zealand Coast Guard at 2pm, another with Quebec Coast Guard Auxiliary at noon and I´m working on a proposal for Australia - while noting the completion of my updates to the International Vessel Tracking System here... and it´s only Monday!

As you may have noticed - I completed the updates to the Vessel Tracking a couple of days ago - it has all the features mentioned in This Post and some more. So now you´ll see different charts used for display depending on the range of the route being plotted - I still have a few more things to add before SLATS 2007 offshore to make it even more spiffy - but it´s much closer now.

New Zealand and Quebec are both About the SAR Management System that I have been going on About at length. The group from New Zealand looks as though they could implement it with few to no changes - however for Quebec I would need to translate all the hard coded messages - something I have known I´m going to need to do in the XDe for a while now - but have been dreading due to the magnitude of the work - however I have some ideas About that ;)

Finally Australian proposal is for a vessel tracking system (gee... think I´ve seen one of those somewheres...) but I need to add a bunch if notifications and not force plotting as theirs would be a real-time system for tracking vessels in and out of their SAR Regions during voyages.

So, fun fun fun for a Monday...

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wooden boats
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