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July 21st 2024 - 10:18
August 31st, 2005
August 31st, 2005

What is up with Spud Guns

Kingfisher Oklahoma

Food or Ammo?
Food or Ammo?
Seriously though, whatīs up with Potato Guns (aka Spud Guns) This first recent mention of this was when I last visited SALTS and Tony was getting ready to go and set one off somewhere - then it comes up in the forum here on the mate, I guess SALTS has been bitten with the spud-gun-bug - now yesterday I spot it on Slashdot ( http://www.slashdot.org is the ultimate geek news site for those not "in the know")

This upwelling of spud-gun discussion certainly twiged my curiosity - so it was off to google to see what I could find - the results were staggering. There are thousands of web sites dedicated to spud-guns, spud-gun clubs, and even - The ultimate in spud-gun technology - http://www.advancedspuds.com/ which seems to be the ultimate resource for the spud-gun afflictiondo (sp intended)

Ok, perhaps Iīm just missing something - isnīt the entire concept of a spud gun to effectively shoot a potato - thatīs it right? just fling a potato some distance? Perhaps its the sploofing sound as the spud is ejected from the "gun" that enthralls, or is it just seeing how far the spud can be flung. Is it only an amateur thing or are we soon going to see commercial spud guns with special (one use disposible) spud gun fuel tabs with precisely measured fuel and a built-in ignition source? Ah yes - I can see spending my hard earned money right now to run out and get me one of these puppies!??? ah, yet again, I digress...

Ok people - please fill me in on the draw - what is your call-to-spud-arms? enlighten me!

In less starchy news, we are still having cold showers at the hotel (perhaps the source of this morningīs sarcasm) but work continues and so does the news coming from the Sothern US. The Coast Guard part of my brain is certainly wanting to do something - but I know there is nothing to do from here. What a mess down there - I hope they find a way to stop the ingress of water soon. To everyone there - We feel for you!

To end on a happy note - I vented a few days back About the local paper article when our rental house burnt down - thanks to Kelleiīs mother we have a plan to counter it that takes the high road - I will write a letter of thanks to the Sechelt Fire Dept - and copy the newspaper - which I expect they will print - that should do the trick much better then anything else ;)

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