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July 21st 2024 - 09:46
May 19th, 2006
May 19th, 2006

RAM, AC, CPU, and other Acronyms

New AC Unit
New AC Unit
Things still seem to be breaking/needing update faster then I can actually repair/upgradce them (sigh) but I continue to plod along and try to keep up. This latest chapter is mainly office items failing, overheating, or running into other difficulties.

With our recent record breaking high temperatures I finally had to break down and get a windo AC unit for the office. at 21°C outside the office was close to 40°C - several of my computers didnīt exactly appreciate that ;) so I picked up a small in-window unit that is doing a nice job of keeping the room cool. Which has the added effect of finally making the office one of the cooler rooms in the house insiead of always being the hottest.

Next, my main system has been crashing randomly for the last while - and it always ends in a BSOD with a memory fail - so it was time for new RAM. The Current RAM always worked before so Iīm calling this in incompatibility based upgrade for the moment (Iīll have 4Gb of DDR400 now) and time will tell if the existing RAM is just incompatible or messed in some way. Currently Iīm at 2Gb so doubling it should make for a nice performance boost as well.

Finally, following along the overheating theme, Kelleiīs computer MOBOīs CPU socket busted - this is the second time this has spontainously happened to one of these systems (blast) however my good friend over at found me a source of new sockets and Iīm going to attempt a repair - worst comes to worse Iīll have to replace the MOBO - but hopefully not.

So this has been my day, as I prepair to remove the built-in vaccum from the wal so I can take it in for repair (oh what, I didnīt mention that stopped working too?)

On the up side - nearly everything we own will be brans new soon - itīs almost all new now - but there are still a few items left to break down... sorry - am I being just a bit sarcastic?

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