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July 20th 2024 - 03:36
August 29th, 2005
August 29th, 2005


Sunrise in Yukon Oklahoma
Sunrise in Yukon Oklahoma
The trip down was pretty standard - YVR (Vancouver Intl. Airport) was amazingly crowded. For some background - I used to travel a LOT - so much so that for 4 years running I was a platinum member on Canadian Airlines (and that was without ever flying international) ... boy do I miss Canadian airlines - but I digress...

I have never seen YVR so crowded - it was pretty much standing room only when I got there at 10am - unfortunately my flight was a 1630h so I had a bit of a wait. I managed to find a quiet corner near the area in all airports that is currently "under construction" so I set up camp there and continued reading my book.

Iīve been reading (now finished thanx to this trip) Samuel Bawlfīs book About Francis Drakeīs voyage os discovery and the British coverup of his discovery of Vancouver Island and the Pacific coast up to around 60N Latitude. Itīs a fascinating read and I recommend it.

Really the only other noteworthy points on the trip were the bathroom in Denver airport and the United Airlines napkins... curious yet ;)

In denver I followed the usual throng of passengers off the plane enroute to the restrooms - but paused to note that the restrooms were here adorned with "Tornado Shelter" signs... I suppose it makes sense to make all the restrooms shelters - I guess if a tornado was due - you might be headed there anyway - allowing people to kill two birds with one stone...  These are the mysterious ways of the mind.

The napkins twigged my interest because of the announcement from Starbucks emblazoned upon them - "Starbucks Coffee Liqueur" was available on the plane. With me being a coffee fanatic this is something I simply MUST try - if anyone has already Iīd love to hear your comments.

Iīm not actually a huge fan of Starbucks coffee - preferring my local (friends of mine) roasted on Pender Island instead - but the Liquour concept seems worthy of a try at least.

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