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July 21st 2024 - 10:28
March 6th, 2006
March 6th, 2006

SAR Management System Launched

Finally I was able to launch the SAR Management System officially - this is basically just that press release - something Iīm very proud of ;)

After a year of research and development Sechelt BC based web development firm is pleased to announce the launch of innovative web-based marine search and rescue (SAR) management software. Initially developed for the Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary - Pacific (CCGA-P) this extensive tracking tool will change the face of marine SAR on the Pacific Coast of Canada.

Until now, the rescue volunteers of the CCGA-P had to complete a paper form after every SAR mission and training exercise. This form would then be faxed to various individuals to complete the required authorization and sign-off process. The new web-based system allows SAR crews to complete the form on-line and all authorizations are completed via digital signatures within the system. Everything is stored in the central database and a myriad of never-before possible reports can be produced on-demand at both the individual, unit, and region-wide levels. The new system combines individual logs, training records, membership records, request forms, and expense claims into a single web accessible system that is highly scalable. In the case of the CCGA-P it will replace over 12 distinct systems and processes.

The SAR Management System was officially placed into production for the CCGA-P during their AGM in Vancouver on February 25th 2006 after 3 months of beta testing by members across the region. The launch was received with rave reviews from everyone present. "[It] brings a new dimension to our organization in allowing us to track and record data in a centralized system" said Stan Warlow, Executive Officer of CCGA-P.

Members of the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary (USCGA), Canadian Coast Guard (CCG), BC Provincial Emergency Program (BCPEP), and other emergency response groups have already expressed interest in the system. "We have 3 different systems that attempt to do what some of this one does - but they donīt work very well" said a representative of the USCGA at the CCGA-P AGM. "I wish we had something like this!"

In addition to speeding along the overall workflow the software communicates with the Joint Rescue Coordination Centre (JRCC), the group that oversees all marine and air SAR, to correlate tracking of missions between the CCGA and JRCC as well as providing JRCC with up-to-date information About CCGA resources. The design of the system was spearheaded by president Scott Baker, a volunteer coxswain with the CCGA and a member of their regional Advanced Rescue Trainer Evaluator (ARTE) team.

"Without question, this is the most extensive system we have ever developed" said Baker, "When I first joined the CCGA-P the need for something like this was clear and I am thrilled to have been able to see this through. The positive impact it should have for search and rescue in our region is very exciting."

The SAR Management System is a component module of PawPrint.netīs flagship eXtensible Database Environment (XDe) - a modular web development platform that provides a multitude of affordable and extensible modules to deliver all manner of functions. It currently encompasses over 35 modules including everything from web site content management and web-based tests to restaurant menu management and accommodations property management. For more information About the SAR Management System or other components of the XDe visit the web site at

About the Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary (CCGA)

The Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary Pacific Region (CCGA-P) includes over 1400 volunteers throughout the coastal waters of British Columbia who offer their time and commitment to actively providing search and rescue services. The CCGA participates in resolving nearly one third of the SAR incidents that occur on the BC coast, either as the principal resource, or as an additional response unit. Its members also assist Transport Canada in providing Pleasure Craft Courtesy Checks to mariners within their communities.

Media Contact: Stan Warlow
Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary - Pacific
25 Huron St.
Victoria BC, Canada V8V 4V9
Tel: 250.480.2798

About is a web design and development firm founded in 1994 and based in Sechelt BC. A pioneer in the web design industry offers a complete Line of services from web/software design and development to virtual tour photography and specializes in dynamic web sites. Their customer base includes small, medium, and large public and private sector organizations including schools, hotels, and emergency services around the world.

Media Contact: Scott Baker
6010 Parkview Pl.
Sechelt BC, Canada V0N 3A5
Tel: 888.493.2360

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