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October 27th 2020 - 10:06
August 25th, 2007
August 25th, 2007

Regularly Unscheduled Drivel

We now return you to your regularly unscheduled drivel... I think as much as can be said About the Robertson II has been said for the time being - I need to look Forward again to happier things, so itīs off to Newfoundland again for another test of the CCGAīs new simulator...

Kellei and I are Heading Back to St. Johns for what should be the final factory test of the CCGAīs one-of-a-kind [url=http://www.smallvesselsimulation.com/]training simulator for 206;link rescue craft[/url]. Itīs been under development as a joint research project for About 3 years now. Weīre all getting very excited because it is supposed to be released to the world this October at SARSCENE in Victoria BC and everything looks poised to go for that.

Weīre going to do our best to keep sending out some updates whilst weīre there. Perhaps even released some updated photos and video of the simulator.

PS: For anyone still hoping for more information About the Robby - I will be updating my main Robertson II page with more information soon - including a copy of the song "Welcome Back Robby II" thanks to the kind folks that recorded it - but that will probably need to wait until I get Back.

NETSim component of simulator
NETSim component of simulator
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