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Learn more about our "How to Tie Knots" DVD/CD
October 27th 2020 - 13:23

Scott's Knots DVD Sample:
How to tie the Bowlin'

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Scott's Knots DVD
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Join Scott Baker as he clearly shows you how tie a wide variety of great knots to know and use. Knowing and being able to tie knots is a valuable personal skill and Scott's inspirational presentation will have you tying your own knots in no time. Knot tying has been a part of our collective human culture worldwide and continues to flourish as both a skill and an art form. Scott Baker B.A.Sc. is an avid sailor with a passion for sailing and seamanship that has grown with him from childhood. Scott has taught seamanship aboard the sail training ships Robertson II & Pacific Swift out of Victoria BC. He is a member of the International Guild of Knot Tyers and a Past Coxswain and Advanced Trainer with the Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary.

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