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April 24th 2024 - 15:04

Joint Rescue Coordination Centre Victoria - Virtual Tour

The Joint Rescue Co-ordination Centre operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week to co-ordinate maritime and aeronautical search and rescue in British Columbia and the Yukon. The Joint Rescue Co-ordination Centre Victoria is one of three Canadian JRCCs; the others are located in Trenton, Ontario and Halifax, Nova Scotia. The Centre co-ordinates the Search and Rescue (SAR) response to aeronautical and maritime incidents within Canada and adjacent waters. Specifically, the JRCCs will respond to aeronautical incidents anywhere in Canada and maritime incidents in Canadian tidal waters and the Great Lakes. As a secondary role, JRCCs co-ordinate requests for humanitarian assistance from other levels of government for federal SAR resources to assist with incidents that fall within provincial or municipal jurisdiction (e.g.. searching for missing hunters or hoisting injured hikers).

About the Virtual Tour

These Virtual tours are available in QuicktimeVR format. Select an area of the vessel above to view that 360° image. Once the image has loaded click anywhere within the image and drag your mouse pointer to make the image move in the direction you drag.

please note:

The QuicktimeVR format requires a free plugin from Apple Computer. If you don't have the Quicktime plugin you can download it for free from Apple by clicking the download link below.

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