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Mathew Walkerīs Knot

If not the only, then one of the few knots named after a person. This is a perminant stopper (or button) Knot that can be tiew with three or more strands. It is oftin tied in the end of a three-lay Rope and can be used as an ornamental finishing for Rope handles or even bell Rope knots.

There is a legend that goes with this Knot: supposidly...

Mathew Walker was a sailor, convicted of some crime, and at his trial the judge offered him clemency if he could demonstrait a Knot that the judge could neither tie nor untie... Mathew took ten fathoms of Line, seperated the lay Back to the half way point, tied the Knot, then re-layed the Line Back again... needless to say - he was set free.

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