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1. A twin hulled sailing vessel.

2. A raft used as a surf Boat in the East and West Indies consisting of two or more logs lashed togeather, including the much larger rafts made of balsa wood from the western coast of South America.

3. A raft made by lashing two vessels togeather, used on the St. Lawrence River.

4. An invention of the British Navy from the 1804 attack on the French flotilla at Boulogne. A 21ī long 3ī wide flat topped lead lined chest containing About 40 kegs of powder and/or various combustibles and Ballast to keep it afloat such that the top remained just at water level. These were triggered by a timed mechanical firing mechanism and towed to within reach of the enemy vessel. They did virtual no damage suring the battle but the French quickly thawarted further use by protecting their ships in Port with booms and chain cables.

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