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Portrait for heather

by: heather
October 5th, 2003
The sinking dory ( Summer trip #4, 2001)
On my first and so far only S.A.L.T.S. summer trip, we anchored for the night in Winter Harbour and rowed the dories into the beach. As the last Dory to leave the Grace, ours was slightly overloaded.  After we'd been rowing for awhile, water started to seep into the middle of the dory from where a motor had apparently been attached. Water started to come in faster and faster until it was pouring in. Skipper Tony had us rowing for shore in no time but by the time we got there the water inside the dory was level with the water outside! Everybody got a little damp, but it was definitely a great adventure!
-Heather Skipsey

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Portrait for sbaker

by: sbaker
October 13th, 2003
Re: The sinking dory ( Summer trip #4, 2001)
Well I, obviously, donīt remember that (as I wasnīt there) but I recal a number of instances that were quite similar from years gone by - the most memorable being one of many "how many people will fit in a dory" challenges - I believe 22 was the total - granted that the dory sank completely a few moments after the 22nd person made it in.

Fair Winds
 - and watch for squals from leeward

Scott W. Baker

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