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October 13th 2019 - 16:18

Thread #303

jessibeeee has no photo

by: jessibeeee
August 3rd, 2007
SALTS early 90īs
Just dropping in to tie a line.  My sister e-mailed the sad news of Robbyīs beaching to me today.  As I browsed the pictures, I was flooded with memories of summer SALTS trips in the 90īs.  I was on the Pacific Swift in early Sept. 1990 and again in July 1993.  My sisters travelled on the Robby (one in 1990, both in 1993), and it sailed a similar route to the Swift, anchoring together by a freshwater lake.  Iīm amazed by the intensity of the memories.  Itīs a sweltering day here in New England -- what I wouldnīt trade for the freezing air of a mid-watch right now!  I dug out my old photo albums and am working on scanning some pictures into a digital format for sharing.

Thank you for creating and maintaining this site.


Portrait for sbaker

by: sbaker
August 6th, 2007
SALTS early 90īs
Rock ON!

Great to hear from someone from my own era! I certainly hope more saltīies from the 90īs appear and drop us some photos, even some of me (blush) thanks for those!

So hereīs a reminder to anyone else with photos - bring-em-on! Upload them to the site!
Fair Winds
 - and watch for squals from leeward

Scott W. Baker

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