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May 17th 2024 - 23:57

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February 9th, 2006
Pacific Swift Offshore 1993 -- Reunion?
Hellooooo all!
Well - this is a pretty cool site.  I have been pouring over some of the pictures Scott; and though I never had the chance to meet you personally...we seem to know some of the same people!  
Anyways - I wanted to say hello to everyone out there who sailed with me on The Swift in 1993 for the Offshore voyage.  I am looking to organize a reunion of sorts?!  I was on leg 9 & 10 - albeit below deck with seasickness for a good portion of that!  Is anyone out there!!??

Give me a shout!  

Seasick Sarah - Pacific Swift Offshore 1993 Legs 9 & 10
Would you be interested in coming to a 1993 Swift Offshore Reunion, and if so where?
Just putting it out there!
Yes - Calgary
100% (3)
Yes - Victoria
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Portrait for sbaker

by: sbaker
February 9th, 2006
Pacific Swift Offshore 1993 -- Reunion?
LOL - Ah the green jollies! Iīm sorry to hear you were aflicted - but jest I should not! Iīm usually the first to be hit with sea sickness myself!

Nope, we probably havenīt met, never did the offshore - but I recall the 1993 offshore very well! I was offered the position of Bosun that year and had the most difficult decision of my life turning it down to finish my degree (no regrets though) I did see the Swift off and helped to row her in upon their return.

Glad you like the site - hope some of the Swifties you know from your legs of the trip are here - Iīm never sure who all is hanging around ;)

Welcome to the mate!

Fair Winds
 - and watch for squals from leeward

Scott W. Baker

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