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January 19th 2019 - 06:47

Thread #132

Portrait for mr.marlin

by: mr.marlin
October 11th, 2004
talkin to people who´ve been on my trips ....
hey Mat here i´ve been on 3 trips and its been awile since i´ve talked to alot of the people i guess this is simply a test to see how amny of us check this out i´ve allready seen mike post something from my last trip but there had to be mikes on the grace so i dunno but i hope people reply i guess i´ve been on trip one in 2004 trip 4 2003 and trip 1 2002 all swift but if you´ve been on the grace those years drop a line feel free we all know eachother some how lol but yeah hope peeps talk back

sail2hawaii has no photo

by: sail2hawaii
September 2nd, 2005
talkin to people who´ve been on my trips ....
hey ppl!

Mat this is anne from trip one swift 04! what´s up??? this is the first time i´ve ever seen this forum thing but it´s a great idea.

Germany!!!! its me from your trip this yr 2005! i guess you´re on the flight back to germany right now, but stay in touch!

i´d like to say i had an awesome trip this yr on the swift trip 5.  another life changing experience. anyone i sailed with last yr or this yr i´d love to hear from you!

im at
germany has no photo

by: germany
August 20th, 2005
Re: talkin to people who�ve been on my trips ....
i´ve been on the Grace 2004 Trip 4 and i´ll be on the Swift 2005 Trip5. Someone still know me ???
Please Contact me ....

Aand knows someone some kind of accomodation
for me until trip 5 starts ...??

thx Richard
burnsy has no photo

by: burnsy
November 1st, 2004
Re: talkin to people who´ve been on my trips ....
Hey I was on the swift trip 4 last year. but its been some time so i cant remeber who u are :P
Michael Burns
Whiskey is what makes a man shoot at his landlord...and what makes him miss.

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