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February 23rd 2020 - 17:55

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June 6th 2005 @ 20:07 Re: Summer Trip #5 ī05
You make me wish I had asked to be put on that list. Oh well, have fun.
March 24th 2005 @ 00:19 Re: what do I need to volunteer in the summer
I recall on one trip that our Bosuns Mate was 14. She had a lot experience with boating and sailing ...
November 1st 2004 @ 16:15 Re: talkin to people whoīve been on my trips ....
Hey I was on the swift trip 4 last year. but its been some time so i cant remeber who u are :P Mich...
August 21st 2004 @ 20:37 Re: Where is the Spirit of Chemainus?
check out http://bajayachts.com/brigantine-92/
August 11th 2004 @ 18:11 Re: Ello
Just got back from trip 3 so I have lots of pics to add (need a new album). Yah I remember trip ...
July 28th 2004 @ 23:43 Ello
Hello ima Mike Burns from Vancouver. Iīve been on trip #2 in 02 (Pacific Grace) and #4 in 03 (...
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