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April 20th 2024 - 03:04

Bluenose II - Virtual Tour

Virtual Tour of the schooner Bluenose II
Please Note: These virtual tours were shot 'hand-held' to take advantage of our one-time opportunity to create them. They are therefore presented as-is, at lower quality (with stitching artifacts) then most tours available on this web site.

Owned by the Government of Nova Scotia, Bluenose II has become a national symbol for Canada's east coast maritime history. A replica of the Grand Banks schooner Bluenose, that was well known for defeating most rivals in the early days of the Americas Cup. The Bluenose II was launched in 1963 and is still based in Nova Scotia (Lunenburg and Halifax).

Bluenose II Sails

Jib topsail995 sq. ft.93 m²
Jib919 sq. ft.85 m²
Jumbo (fore staysail)620 sq. ft.58 m²
Foresail1,495 sq. ft.139 m²
Fore gaff-topsail600 sq. ft.56 m²
Fisherman staysail1,450 sq. ft.135 m²
Mainsail4,150 sq. ft.386 m²
Main gaff-topsail910 sq. ft.84 m²
Total Sail Area11,139 sq. ft.1036 m²

Bluenose II Dimensions

Length, overall161 ft.49 m
Length, deck143 ft.44 m
Length, waterline112 ft.34 m
Beam27 ft.8 m
Draft16 ft.5 m
Displacement285 tons258 t
Bowsprit (projection)17 ft. 6 in.5.4 m
Formast,height from deck118 ft.36 m
Mainmast,height from deck125 ft. 10 in.38 m
Fore boom32 ft. 19 in.9.8 m
Main boom81 ft.25 m
Fore gaff32 ft. 11 in.9.8 m
Main gaff51 ft.15.5 m

Bluenose II Materials

Masts, booms, gaffs, deck:Douglas Fir
Deck hatches, skylights, structures:Mahogany
Hull:Red oak, spruce and pine; galvanized iron fastenings

Bluenose II Crew

Crew: (co-ed): 5 Officers, Chief Cook, 12 Deckhands

Bluenose II Engines

Twin Caterpillar Diesels (250 hp each) cruising at 8 knots.

About the Virtual Tour

These Virtual tours are available in QuicktimeVR format. Select an area of the vessel above to view that 360° image. Once the image has loaded click anywhere within the image and drag your mouse pointer to make the image move in the direction you drag.

please note:

The QuicktimeVR format requires a free plugin from Apple Computer. If you don't have the Quicktime plugin you can download it for free from Apple by clicking the download link below.

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