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Upload a File

This walk-through will help explain the process (at a high level) for uploading a file to the web site, and linking to that file from a content managed page.

Help for the specific forms mentioned is available in the see-also section at the bottom

Prep the File

The file to upload must exist on your computer. Itīs best to ensure that the file name is concise, descriptive and contains no spaces (or other special characters) You may wish to rename the file if the name can be improved. The name of the file will become part of the link to that file once it is accessable from the site.

Ensure a Path Exists

The must be a place to put the file before you can upload it. You web site may already have some paths defined or not. If there are paths already - check that this file makes sence under on of those paths. If not, or if your site has no paths yet, you should create a path first. It is not advisable to upload files into the "/" (root) path of your web site. Both for search engine optomization and for good structure it is better to upload all files into some kind of sub-path.

Upload The File

Go to the manage.Content area of the web site and click manage files from the administration tools. Select the approperiate path and browse to select the file you wish to upload. Click Upload File and check that the upload was successful.

Link to The File

To link to a file within the content of a page use the bbText [file=] construct. This will work anywhere in the site that supports bbText. The link to use is displayed in the manage files area right under the file. headded up with rel link: You can simply copy and paste that link to create a link to the file.

Help for the specific forms mentioned is available in the see-also section at the bottom
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