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Page Filename

This is the name of the file that will be created to contain your new page.

You do not need to include the .php extension as the system will add that automatically. Also, if you leave this field blank the system will create a file called index.php in the specified path.

A note about the index file
Every path on your web site (except paths used only for uploading files) should have an index. This file will be automatically displayed by the web server when someone omits a filename from the web address. For example if someone types in their browser´s address field the web server is actually going to show them an example with a deeper path might be will show them
When creating pages and paths for your web site, keep this in mind. Always create an index for a path so that if someone is browsing and they choose to see if there is an index by entering they will not receiove an error.
The index file (in most cases) should contain general information about the section and links to the pages contained in that path

Important Note Search Engines look closely at the paths and page names on your web site when indexing the site. Try to include some keywords in both the path and filename as this will help your site´s rank significantly.
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