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File Upload

Table of Contents
1.path  File Upload Path
2.uploadfile  File To Upload
This form provides a method for uploading files to the web site. Files, in this case, are typically things like PDF files, Excel documents, sound, video, or archive files.

There is a security restriction on the site options that controls what file types will be accepted by the server.

Please Note Most servers have a limit imposed regarding the maximum site of a file that can be uploaded. This is not a limitation of this system, but an option on the server. The typical limit is 2Mb. Depending on the configuration of the server your web admin may be able to change this limit if you need to upload larger files.

File Types Keep in mind that the web is a cross-platform environment. Anything you put on the web should, if possible, be available to all types of copmputer on as many operating systems as possible. Therefore, avoid the use of propritary formatted files like Word, Publisher, Quark, Claris, etc instead favour formats like PDF which can be view on almost any type of computer.

Finally, this section is designed to house files that are to be made available for users to download. It is not a good place to archive large amounts of data. The total space available in your account on your web site is probably limited and storing files on a web site is not a good alternative to conducting backups of your personal and/or organizations data.
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