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Restrict by User Category

Checking off the By User Type box and selecting from the defined user categories below will allow you to make this section visibile to only those users in the selected categories.

This feature is most useful for larger organizations with several categories of users (like the staff and students of a school) where some information should only be visible to one or the other group.

Sometimes very elegent solutions can be crafted with this feature to present completely different information to people on the same page of the site depending who is viewing it.

For example let´s take the example of a school. Say they have user categories for Staff, Student, Parent, and Alumni On the home page they could create 4 different welcome messages - one for each of these groups, with different content and links. They could create a 5th section that is only displayed to non-users that the general public would see.

This can be a very effective way to make a web site more useful for members of an organization - Staff members of any business don´t need to ready the ´sales jargon´ that the site displays to potential customers - they would prefer to jump right into to the secured management tools that need to do their job - with user based restrictions this is easy.
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