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Content Images

Table of Contents
1.alignment  Image Alignment
2.attributes  Image Padding & Border
3.caption  Image Caption
4.display  Image Display Size  Image Link
Images may be uploaded into the content management system on a one/section basis. This restriction doesn´t limit the number of iimages on a page (just create as manu sections as required - one/image) The reason for the restriction is to force a ´best-practise´ issue.

No Image without Text!

Why? Images are invisible to search engines and anyone with a visual disability. Using too many images without text will significantly slow down a web site and limit its effectiveness. A good habbit is to have at least a paragraph of text for every image that you use - remember the old adage "A Picture is worth a thousand words" - well, better put in the thousand words for every photo - because the search engines won´t see the photo!

All that said - images do help break-up text, so it is a good idea to use them - just make sure to balance the use of images with text on every page of the site.
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