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Content Management Form

Table of Contents
1.alignment  Content Alignment
2.border  Content Border
3.contents  Content Manage Content Settings
4.format  Content Format
5.image  Content Images
6.padding  Text Padding
8.section  Content Manage Section Settings
The XDe Contentn Management system provides extensive control over the content of this web site. Changing content through the use of the content form will have an immediate effect on the content of the site as displayed to your site visitors.

Each page on the web site that has been configured for contentn managent is composed of any number of sections. You must enter content one section at a time but the format for entering content in any section is the same - so once you understand how to navigate around a single section you will know the entire system.

Page sections are displayed in order (as specified by the SortKey and have few restrictions - the most noteable being that there can be only one image in a section. Thus if you want a page to have several images, there will need to be several sections on that page.

If you are just starting out with the content management system we suggest that you create a test page and try working through adding a section and managing content on that test page first - then shift to working on the actual web site.
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