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Security Access

There are four general access types for each module defined to control XDe Security.
  • No Access - Blocks all access to the module
  • Read Only - Allows the user to view anything from the module. If the module has different areas that can be controlled by category and/or groupings of users this access setting will allow the user to view ALL areas regardless of groupings
  • Write Access - Allows the user to access all regular data records read and write throughout the module - the only limitation is that they may not change things like Categories, Groups, Types, etc... or alter the preferences for the module.
  • Administrator - Provides complete control of the module and all records.
  • Data Driven - In many cases this si the default. It provides access based on the data in the module, so if data is grouped into categories and/or areas specific to certain users, or if the module allows records to be assigned to users, this setting will allow users to access only those areas and records specified by the module.
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