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Table of Contents
1.advert  bbText Advert Placement
2.bgcolour  bbText Background Colour
3.bold  bbText Bold  bbText Centering
5.code  bbText Code Sections
6.colour  bbText Colours
7.headline  bbText Headlines
8.italic  bbText Italic
9.links  bbText Links
10.list  bbText Lists
11.monospace  bbText Monospace  bbText News Tag
13.underline  bbText Underline  Video Tags

The bbText system is a basic formating markup language used throughout XDe modules. It has all the features common to the way the XDe processes plain text such as automatic link creation from items that look like links (ie: or etc...) but also allows far more control, without the risk of creating significant errors through mistakes when using full XHTML code.

All bbText constructs consist of an open tag and a close tag: [b]this will be bold[/b] (for example)

In the above example [b] starts bolding, and [/b] ends it - the other formatting and linking codes in bbText function the same way.

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