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Pacific Swift Trip 3 2008

Total Distance: 105.05nm over 6.09 days
Average distance each day: 17.24nm
Distance from last position : 16.19nm
Last Position:
50°34'40.08 N 126°58'19.20 W
  on August 1st 2008 @ 19:00

Ship's Log:
Wildlife abounds! Another amazing day in the beauty of creation  We
awoke to a breaking sky and calm waters, all hands were hopeful that the
sun wouldnīt be far behind. After breakfast we weighed anchor and headed
north towards Alert Bay a native cultural centre and self proclaimed
"home of the killer whale". In 30 minutes or so we were treated to about
8 porpoises riding our bow wave, playfully darting about to the delight
of the trainees. About half through the intermediate test review we
suddenly found ourselves in the midst of a 6 orcas. As we shut down the
engine 2 whales began heading right for us and ended up passing about 30
feet from the ship. Very amazing. Shortly thereafter the fog and rain
set in again as we headed for Alert. As we headed ashore the rain and
fog lifted and we were treted to pure sun for the first time in 4 days.
Once ashore everyone played a brilliant game of ultimate frisbee, then
toured the small town to see the totem poles and pick up the odd treat
at the store. Once back aboard we shifted anchorage to Kish Rock to
escape the bustle of Alert Bay and enjoy a rope swing before hamburger
dinner. A great day with the sun, whales and chance to stretch our legs.

anchored, sunny (at last), 18C

Wind NW12
Pressure 1000
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