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Pacific Odyssey - Leg 2

Honolulu to Tahiti - for more information see http://www.salts.ca/010_SALTS_odyssey.htm

Total Distance: 3147.70nm over 37.98 days
Average distance each day: 82.87nm
Distance from last position : 0.00nm
Last Position:
17°32'17.88 S 149°34'4.80 W
  on August 19th 2007 @ 22:45

Ship's Log:
I wasnīt intending to write, but we
have two
birthdays that need to be remembered.  Tristan would like to wish
his mom a
great day today.  Hi mom, Happy Birthday from Tristan.  Also,
Iīd like
to wish my sister, Ellen, a wonderful birthday as well.  Happy
Ellen.  We had a more restful day today.  Last night several
of the
trainees who are remaining with us for the next leg, accompanied the
flying home, to the airport.  They were able to spend a few more
together once the luggage had been checked in, but when the time came
for those
leaving to go through the security gate, it was difficult to
let go,
and there were some tears; the full realization that the group
would be
separated, that this portion of their lives together was over, hit
home.  Itīs a deeply sad feeling.  This afternoon,
Skipper, the
boys and I were able to spend a few hours at a pool, sitting on
lawn chairs,
reading our books and playing with the boys in a fresh water
pool.  On
the boat, once again, odd jobs such as laundry, journal writing and
catching up
on sleep, were caught up on.  Sunday is a restful day in town as
is closed.  A group of us visited the market again this
morning at
0530 hrs.  It was just as amazing as the first time.  So much
everything, and once again, mostly locals just doing their weekly fish
produce shopping.  We saw a few vegetables that we didnīt recognize
asked either the woman behind the table or someone making a purchase
what the
vegetable was and how they prepared it.  Always so much to notice
and to
learn about.  In general, the people seem eager to share
information with us once they realize weīre interested in
them.  We
saw half a boarīs head cooked and wrapped in saran wrap on a tray, for
sale.  You could see the snout and the teeth still connected; not
appetizing looking to me!  The cooks were able to buy some
beautiful vegetables for the next leg.  After two days of
having to
fend for ourselves, meal-wise, we are looking forward to being looked
after by
Gillian and Katie again.  Carolyn, Jordan, Antony and Sara spent
the day
with their local friends, Stellio and Jean Pierre, the mechanic and the
plumber, and their families, who have adopted them and have taught
them so
much about the island of Tahiti.  Our 4 spent the entire day
visiting places that meant something to the two families whom have spent
all of
their lives on the island and are passionate about what lies beyond the
big city
of Papeete.  They know the plateaus and valleys intimately.
We had a great conversation with all of them when they
the four off.  Jean Pierre and Stellio would like us to
stay a
week longer so they could build a traditional pit fire in the ground and
something for us in the traditional way.  They felt honoured to
have our
trainees and crew spend the day with them and they look forward to our
return in
several years; they were two incredibly generous families with very big
for people.   Elske, Tav, Tristan, Sam and Bec went to
this morning after the market and a quick nap.  They enjoyed
singing and the women in their white hats and dresses, and the men
in their
white, short-sleeved shirts and dark pants.  We have seen a
few more
of the new trainees, they come down to the boat to say hello, it is good
to see
them.  I am looking forward to getting to know them, seeing the
process of
a community being built again.  Tomorrow will be a busy day,
with several introductions from the Skipper and various crew
organizing bunks and bags, handing out harnesses, setting up watches,
beginning the process of getting to know each other. Until
tomorrow, good

mostly cloudy day with sunny =
periods, sun

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