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2012 Trip 4 - Pacific Swift

Total Distance: 243.68nm over 8.52 days
Average distance each day: 28.60nm
Distance from last position : 41.66nm
Last Position:
48°58'23.88 N 125°23'24.00 W
  on August 17th 2012 @ 23:30

Ship's Log:
Since Hot Springs Cove we have enjoyed a couple of traveling days to get us into a good position to beat the weather and arrive in Ucluelet on time. From Hot Springs we motored south with calm winds and seas to Barkley Sound. We anchored in a quiet spot with a clear view of the sun setting to the west. This was our boat Sunday so as darkness fell and we counted falling stars service was held up on deck. Afterwards everyone stayed on deck for a couple of hours lying on their backs watching shooting stars and quietly chatting about the trip's events. Shortly before lunch we raised anchor and move to a favourite spot that has one of the best swimming holes we know of on the coast. At the entrance to Pipestem Inlet there is a small stream that cascades down smooth rocks into the ocean. If you climb up from the sea and keep venturing inland you are rewarded with multiple crystal clear pools of different sizes.
Today the fog cleared as we entered the inlet and the waters of Lucky Creek as it is know were delightfully warm. Everyone spent a couple of hours swimming, jumping,diving and just hanging out at the water's edge.
An idyllic spot to say the least. After returning to the boat we decided on one more sail. We spent an enjoyable "drift" sail as we made our way to the final anchorage for the trip.
Your children have had an incredible trip, as have we. They have been an extraordinary group from day one. As a group they have grown so close together. They have shared so many unique experiences over the past nine days. They have been patient with each other, kind and welcoming of new trainees and always willing to do whatever is put before them.
They have been a joy to sail with .
Thank you for sharing them with us.

Clear periods in the day, dense fog at night, light wind.

Wind 05S

wooden boats
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