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July 21st 2024 - 10:07
November 6th, 2005
November 6th, 2005

Better Late Then Never

The Lord Nelson B&B
The Lord Nelson B&B
It looks as though I have three days of news to catch up on after being "un-plugged" quite violently By the wind storms ravaging Victoria during my trip there. Gale & Storm force winds having knocked out Cable service to much of the area.

First (right before we left actually) I received my 061 - Navigation Safety exam results in the mail, netting an 85% and the chance to keep my Current date for my Oral exams on November 14th

We were then off to Victoria to Stay at The Lord Nelson Bed and Breakfast A B&B I often refer to as the hidden jewel of Victoria as it is not crowded into any of the several collections of B&Bs downtown or next to Oak Bay - but just off the water in Vic-West (quite close to SALTS actually) Just as stunning inside, with wonderful hosts, and all this costs less then similar B&Bs crowded into the more the common areas. There - Iīve let the secret out! If youīre looking for a place to Stay in Victoria - tell Rick & Michaela that the Bosunīs Mate sent you ;)

The Coastal SAR Course was awesome. In attendance, Kellei, Brian G. (CCGA-33 Oak Bay), myself, and three members of the US Coast Guard from the USCGC FIR. Tyler walked us through the gamut of Canadian SAR, including some fun "exercises" on communications and we even got the chance to tour the MCTS offices for Victoria - which was so cool that I will devote an entire BmLog to it tomorrow. Brian G. is the training officer for Unit 33 (the same unit from which one of out ISAR team members hails) I gave him copies of my on-water lesson plans and he has already shared their unit training plan from last year with me. This looks like it will be a good opportunity for some continued joint-efforts. Brian is also an ARTE member and I look Forward to seeing him again at the ARTE Course in 2 weeks.

The following day we visited SMUS my Alma Mater to drop off our Happy Birthday wishes to Margaret Skinner (my Gr. 12 Math Teacher who has remained a good friend) We took Margaret out for lunch at he favorite Sushi place and had a chance to hook up with a load of past teachers in the staff room prior - lots of smiles there!

Finally, yesterday, was the Duke of Edinburghīs Award Silver Ceremony at Government House. As President for the Gold Award Society, I attend these twice a year. Kellei has been recruited to help and has joined the īold guardī helping calm the nervous recipients on their way to the stage.

Fewh, three days - but a lot can happen... Now youīre up to speed anyway. For me: itīs study time for Orals, prep for ARTE, and playing catch-up with my day jobs for the next few days - thatīs for sure!

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