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July 20th 2024 - 03:42
October 23rd, 2005
October 23rd, 2005

Monitoring the VHF for Fun and Training

Iīve been recording VHF communications lately to help with training in the unit. Personally Kellei and I monitor VHF 16 and 22A pretty much all the time (during waking hours) - Itīs the best radio training out there - just listening.

A while ago I started thinking that if I could only record some of the incidents we listen to - it would be wonderful for training within our unit... So I hunkered down for some good internet searching and found a freeware radio recorder. It only records when there is activity on the ckt - and is performing splendidly.

Last night the first Mayday came in since I started using the recorder - I wasnīt even awake for it. A 21ī vessel had run Aground just outside Pender Harbour (just north of us) and one person was Overboard (missing) and one had broken ribs - the vessel was taking on water.

There were 2 CCG vessels on scene, a search aircraft, two passing vessels, and our neighbouring unit: Auxiliary 61 from Pender Harbour.

The incident spanned About 4 hours - which, using the recorder was condensed down to About 24 mins of comms. Should make for an excellent Coxswain training scenario when next we all meet.

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