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July 20th 2024 - 03:40
October 21st, 2005
October 21st, 2005

BCTF Illegal Strike

BC Teachers on Illegal Walkout & Protest in Victoria
BC Teachers on Illegal Walkout & Protest in Victoria

They are calling it a strike - it isnīt - itīs breaking the law. These are the Teachers of BC - the people charged (through their own choice of career) to educate and help develop the future of the world - and they are sending a very strong message that if you donīt like the rules itīs OK to break them.

For those not in the know, the BCTF (British Columbia Teacherīs Federation) is currently in the middle of a labour dispute with the BC Provincial Government - as in most labour disputes both sides are partly wrong, and no-one is being completely up-and-up About it - because they are both afraid to give ground and lose what they want. Ok, nothing unusual here, so far...

But The Government passed legislation that requires the teachers to go Back to work - they are ignoring it - and thatīs breaking the law.

This is just way wrong. The message being sent to the youth of our province is a very dangerous one: "Its OK to break the rules if you have a lot of people to Back you and you donīt think the rules are fair" - whoa. I hope the teachers like it when, Back in class eventually, their students start applying this concept to them.

So youīll understand it if I donīt necessarily sympathize with the teachers and their propaganda that says this is all About the children and nothing to do with the lack of a pay raise... If thatīs the case, why does it keep coming up when your members are interviewed on the street hmmm? Itīs for the kids but the ones in grade 12 are going to have to pay the price in their provincial exams - is the BCTF going to find a way to reimburse them? Now other unions are "supporting" them - oh great - theyīve taught others to break the law too - good show BCTF!

I suspect the BCTF wonīt like what Iīm saying here, but what good is a blog if you canīt vent from time to time - I hope Iīm safe to say it though - cuz the BCTF doesnīt respect the law - and who knows what they might do and whom they might inconvienence to get what they want.

--end vent.

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