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July 20th 2024 - 02:58
September 24th, 2005
September 24th, 2005

ISAR T-4 days

Everyone is here now - after the requsite 1 ferry wait - 3:30 on a friday but AFTER labour day - very strange - man is it getting busy here.

Anyway, we had a great training session last night - made pizza and went through the little VHF radio quizz I did up as well as a splicing review and just some general chat to get the entire team on the same page. Iīm blogging early today before we Head out on the water for another full day of simulated SAR.

I think everyone is feeling good About everything - our meet last night identified a few issues - but nothing major and they probably all got dealt with during the evening (which was the basic idea) Today itīs down to practical stuff like SAQR pump and heaving Line practise as well as just some basic search patterns practice and above and bayone everything else - team communications.

Iīll try to grab a few photos today while weīre out there but there is loads to do so Iīm not sure - should be a good day with all 5 team members we have only tomorrow with the three 3 crew and myself and then thatīs it - time has flown by and weīre almost there!

The arrival of one of the team yesterday also saw the flight suits arrive - they rock apart from the fact that the manufacturer seems to believe that pockets must be HUGE - I could fit a 2L pop-bottle into the left breast radio pocket - NOT KIDDING! so we are going to stitch them down a bit to make them realistic.

Finally, hoping this isnīt a sign of some sort - the hotel we all stayed in during SARCOMP (the regional competition where we were selected for ISAR) caught fire yesterday - one person was killed. This just happens to be the first thing I read on my morning screen (all my news is on-line) and got me thinking.

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