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July 20th 2024 - 01:43
September 19th, 2005
September 19th, 2005

Damage Control

Damage Control?
Damage Control?
We have been following the ISAR web site quite closely now that we find they change significant things almost daily! But the latest revision of the event descriptions handbook (if you can find the working link on their site - cuz half of them donīt) has some bonus info in it. They actually changed the titles of some of the so called "Mystery Events" from their generic names to, what I believe are, the working names

Mystery Event A -> Marlinespike
Mystery Event B -> Damage Control

Which, if correct, will really help us train for them. Iīm not sure they actually meant to do this - they seem to screw things up quite often... hmmm, am I sounding a bit cynical here?

We actually spent most of the day yesterday out training, although only 3 of the team could be here (the Sunshine Coast Contingent) but that was still very helpful. We spent some time on the Boat running search patterns and then watched SAR-Pump instructional videos as well as reviewed radio procedures somewhat.

Now we are on the war-path to find damage control info - last year they made the teams patch a pipe with a hole in it attached to a fire hydrant - Iīm expecting something similar for this year. We do know people who went through last year so we may have some info there - but if anyone has been through a Navy Damage Control Training Course - please pass along any info you have!

Still training...

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