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July 21st 2024 - 09:40
August 25th, 2007
August 25th, 2007

Regularly Unscheduled Drivel

We now return you to your regularly unscheduled drivel... I think as much as can be said About the Robertson II has been said for the time being - I need to look Forward again to happier things, so it´s off to Newfoundland again for another test of the CCGA´s new simulator...

Kellei and I are Heading Back to St. Johns for what should be the final factory test of the CCGA´s one-of-a-kind [url=]training simulator for 206;link rescue craft[/url]. It´s been under development as a joint research project for About 3 years now. We´re all getting very excited because it is supposed to be released to the world this October at SARSCENE in Victoria BC and everything looks poised to go for that.

We´re going to do our best to keep sending out some updates whilst we´re there. Perhaps even released some updated photos and video of the simulator.

PS: For anyone still hoping for more information About the Robby - I will be updating my main Robertson II page with more information soon - including a copy of the song "Welcome Back Robby II" thanks to the kind folks that recorded it - but that will probably need to wait until I get Back.

NETSim component of simulator
NETSim component of simulator
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wooden boats
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