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July 21st 2024 - 09:51
April 23rd, 2007
April 23rd, 2007


I must come to terms with this - my wife has an addiction... Yes, itīs true I have personally witnessed her sneaking out to assuage it at various times of the day. This signs are clear, it affects both our lives... yes, itīs true, my wife Kellei is addicted to gardening!

Tounge in cheek aside - she really is - addicted. Once outside she simply canīt resist digging in and getting dirty! More then just tiptoeing through the tulips she gets right in there so itīs more like rummaging through the rhodos!

The upshot for me is that we get great gardens and I donīt have to worry too much About it - not that I donīt enjoy a bit of gardening - but you usually donīt catch me outside in my dressing gown replanting a rose ;) That said weīll leave my computer addictions for a different day...

Prize Garlic
Prize Garlic
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