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July 20th 2024 - 02:16
April 3rd, 2007
April 3rd, 2007

Training under a Harvest Moon

Monday nights are our typical Coast Guard Auxiliary training nights and yesterday was no exception. We went out training for 2 hours on the water to complete some Navigation exercises that were canceled 2 weeks ago due to weather. Throughout most of this we were treated to the most magnificently harvest moon...

This full moon will appear almost 12 percent bigger than some of the full moons this year apparently (I didnīt realize that until I went searching this morning) Regardless of itīs apparent size as we were transiting around Thormanby Is we cleared a hill and were all treated with seeing this crimson red moon rising over the silhouette of the Island.

The eveningīs run was all based on Navigation using the Chart and GPS only - planning for a Chart plotter failure and to ensure crews are well training in classical Navigation methods. The moon was an added bonus!

On a very different topic - I heard this morning on the radio that today is the anniversary of the 1996 NBA Basketball game in which the then Vancouver Grizzlies broke their record setting loosing streak to Beat Minnesota - why am I going into all this? Because I was score keeping that game! - in fact it was the last NBA basketball game I ever score kept.

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