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July 21st 2024 - 08:31
March 25th, 2007
March 25th, 2007

Introducing Tagging

Tag Cloud for Bosunsmate
Tag Cloud for Bosunsmate
Another little upgrade Iīve been meaning to make for some time is to add tagging to the XDe system. Seeing as this web site has more, in terms of news, then most others - I thought Iīd start here. You may notice the tags associated with the recent Log entries...

The new module allows tags to be added to any module in the system (Iīve only added it to news so far but forums and photos will be next) You can see the tags against this article, clicking on any of the tags will take you to a list of articles with the same tags and show you the tag cloud (pictured) Granted this is all pretty common if youīre used to any of the social bookmarking sites around and many of the personal blogging packages - so it was high time to add it. This system will be somewhat different though, because it will also integrate with the commercial web applications that the XDe enables like the real estate and accommodations modules. Iīll also be adding it to the business listings module when that goes live shortly for the IMRF.

In other news Kellei is off today to start her OFA 3 First Aid Course in Powell River leaving to ībatch-itī for 2 weeks - Iīm hoping to use the time to hunker down and get a lot more coding done - so weīll see just what else I can cook up!

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