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July 20th 2024 - 01:53
November 23rd, 2006
November 23rd, 2006

My own personal Tower of Babel

I knew this would come... I suppose I have just been dreading it and procrastinating - but I have finally given the task of translating my entire library of web site functions that comprise the XDe...

Well, not exactly translating it myself - but building in the ability for translation to be possible.

It involved going through close to 1 million Lines of code and finding each hard coded message. Passing that to a little function that tries to find a translation for the Current userīs language preference and show that. If it canīt find the translation it just returns the default English - but makes a note of the request and reports it Back to my master Language Server for translation.

Why now? Well, Iīm going to pull the standard Canadian on this and blame it all on Quebec ;) They are interested in the SAR Management System and will need a French version. Rather then take a branch and make a French copy (with very limited future flexibility) I elected to create a dynamic translation system for my entire module set. Since it has the English fall-back - I can implement it right now and it will start reporting Back the translations it needs the most (and in what languages)

Still, itīs a HUGE undertaking - so it should be on-going for some time. I just tried adding the translation code to a single module (I have 35) and this was a small one - it took About 2 hours. I estimate Iīm looking at around 250 hours to add the code and then About double for a translator to translate it for each language.

What can you expect - well fairly soon youīll see a "Select Language" box here on the īmate but the translations are going to be very limited for a while.

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