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July 20th 2024 - 03:40
November 15th, 2006
November 15th, 2006

Thatīs Just Nasty!

Nasty day on the west coast - Iīm fortunate to have power (most people here donīt - largely due to the storm-hurricane force winds and rain currently battering the area. Just for a bit more excitement I now here there is a tsunami watch for the Pacific coast - a good day to Stay bundled up inside (away from the coast)

The weather was foretasted yesterday but an 8.1 earthquake in the pacific has initiated the watch which has seen small tsunamiīs materialize off the coast of Japan and Tiawan. The Pacific North-American watch is slating wave arrivals for around 11am... (this coming in via the marine VHF as Pan Pan broadcasts by both the USCG and CCG) I was listening to the local radio station - but theyīre no longer on the air (no power I expect)

So, thatīs the start of my day - top that by being on-call for the CCGA today - I hope nothing stupid happens out on the water - the good news is that most people donīt go out in this kind of stuff - and JRCC probably wouldnīt task us out in it anyway. Winds over 60 kn can blow over our FRC!

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