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July 20th 2024 - 02:58
May 14th, 2006
May 14th, 2006

Training Into Tow

Kellei at the helm - towing the vessel
Kellei at the helm - towing the vessel
Itīs that time of year again... things always pick up in the summer and this season is not looking like any exception. SInce Kellei leaves for RHIOT on Tuesday we have been out training a lot. Yesterday was supposed to be a 2 hour slow Boat handling training session - we ended up with much more then we planned - but it was all good!

We had just completed training using out new slolam Course in a small cove and had moved over to the Halfmoon Bay Gov. Dock to give everyone some docking practise before calling it a day when we overheard a sailing vessel reporting a 21ī Boat Adrift About 2nm SE of White Islts. Our coverage area for SAR ends at White Islts - so it was slightly our of our area. Shortly thereafter it was upgraded to a Maday Relay by CCG Radio for fear that may have been a person Overboard. We responded.

As an asside - it is often a vessel that is already on the water that is first to respond to a Maday - not that others donīt come, just always seems to work that way.

Anyway, About 5 minutes en-route (it was About 15 mins away at 40Knots) the distress was cancelled when the vessel was found to be the same that had been hard Aground the previous night. JRCC asked us to proceed anyway, Secure the vessel, and tow it Back to our base at Secret Cove, so the owner could come and get it.

Kellei had been asking all day to try aone more towing hook-up before going to RHIOT - this was just perfect. So we got the vessel under tow and proceeded to tow it Back in 3ī seas to Secret Cove. it took close to 3 hours because of the Chop - but all went very well and Kellei even got to take the vessel Alongside for docking - a tricky manoevure and excellent practise.

A couple of things made this trip somewhat unique... first, the other crew member - Adam had been out trainign with us lots, but this was his first actual call. We were treated to some Dhals Porpoises playing in our Bow Wake during the tow (unfortunately not for long - a Zodiac 753 really dosnīt have muct of a Bow Wake and they got Board quickly) and finally, just as we were entering Secret Cove - a HUGE converted tug was pulling out... The 110ī St. Eval Original refit designed by KFD as a luxury VIP platform for the Blue Arrow Americaīs Cup Challenge Group. Later purchased by the Montana based Washington Corporation, who asked Ken Freivokh Design to develop further and more luxurious guest accommodation. The new owner bought the foremost tugging company in Vancouver with the exclusive purpose of providing a suitable setting for this amazing Yacht.

Pretty Skookum Saturday - if I do say so myself!

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Yes - that is a porpoise
Yes - that is a porpoise
110ī tug St Eval
110ī tug St Eval

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