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July 21st 2024 - 10:15
August 27th, 2005
August 27th, 2005

Comments Anyone?

and they say the US isnīt trying to take over Canada
and they say the US isnīt trying to take over Canada
Tomorrow I leave for Oklahoma - the photo was taken the last time I was there. Each day we drove for several miles through very small towns to get to the telephone company where I was consulting - each day we would pass this bank - located in "Canadian County" which, being Canadian myself, we far too good to let pass without a photo.

You will also notice that I have added the ability for members to add comments. Please feel free to add your thoughts to my diatribes - the system automatically adds a forum topic when someone does so, so people can discuss issues relating to an entry in the BLOG either here or in the forum.

Iīm not sure if Iīll be able to keep making posts when Iīm in Oklahoma - Iīve been assured of having net access - so I should be ok - time will tell.

Finally - Iīm going to vent my frustrations - well, what good is a BLOG if I canīt vent from time to time!

Iīm a bit annoyed with my local newspaper. The story of our house fire was, of Course, front page news for the Sunshine Coast - someone even had a spectacular photo (must have Beat me to it) but all that is fine and was to be expected. What buggs me is that they wrote a two page story and never even contacted me, in fact they completely spelled Kelleiīs name wrong (Kellei is my fiancee for those that are new here) - Hereīs a link to the article but it will probably only be there for a week.

Itīs not like I feel our loss was more significant then the Stweards, but we did just loose our house - they could at least have given us a chance to tell our story - or even bothered to call and Check that they had the right name.

Ah well...


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The newspaper article in question...
The newspaper article in question...

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