Emily and Madelyn
Alex MAH on a rampage
Poor Courty...
Skipper, Mal Mal and Madelyn (Mad Trout)
oh so epic...
Jen and Madelyn
now THAT is happy
Epic.. again
Plank walking
I donīt think the guys were too happy when I was super keen to go in
Emily and Madelyn
best expression EVER
The Swift
Girls on the beach
Epic rope swinging
mal mal and.. mad mad?
Mal-Mal and Ben
A little head cuddle on the bow sprit
Jordan and I brought up the anchro covered in perfect clay... fun fun! Here is Emily sporting the latest craze in makeup.
The Fish Crew
Cod, Chum and Seabass.. mssing Trout
Cod.. being Epic and clay covered
Striking an epic pose.. talent mais oui!
very fish-like
Kaitlin, Leslie and Courty
true sailors?
Alex MAH
trying to be epic.. rock on alex mah
At the Helm
Jellan. Feat. Jenny Strong, Bo and Sarah
Clay Sailors
We made an army, sadly they died trying to heave a line
Coach (aka Chum)
Coach Courty during the barefoot soccer match.. we won vs the skipperīs team. Not without Madelyn getting very injured and bloody thanks to a body check from the skipper. Donīt worry, she can take it.
2, 6, HEAVE
who else could make heaving look this good?
The Great Canadian Sailor
HOW can he look this epic all the time?
The Gang!
Tons of fun with everyone. I will try and come back in the summer!
Port Watch (the best watch ever)
Thanks Sarah!!
Jen, Emily, Madelyn
I donīt really know what the subtext in this picture is but I will try and deceipher it for you... Emily and Jen are sad because Emilyīs clay cheek piece fell off and I am.. Happy. Just cause. Games over I win.
Dinah (a swifty)
Madelyn on the prowl
Sun Rise!!
Sorry it blurred... In real life you could have seen a crescent moon over the island. So pretty.
The Giggly Trio
All they do is laugh
Courty and Nickers
Sitting on MY bed. Everyone sat on it. It was the party bed.
The Swift!
Pity we didnīt sail more.