Pacific Grace 2005 - SCMS Trip
As requested by a Bosun┤s Mate user
sailing 2005 scms
Image #906
the sails
the skipper
Image #910
Image #911
View from the boatt.
Image #912
bouncy ball overboard =O
Image #913
Having fun climbingg
Tara and Jordan
Tavish and Sarah
Tavish teaching Sarah how to playy.
Image #917
Image #918
hard at work
Esther and Katinra
ohh theyre working hard now,
Skipper Tony
Wednesday afternoon swim
sammie =)
JosÚ and Jordan
mug up fun
mug up
mug up after a wet afternoon
Image #924
2,6 heave
awesomee bunch of people.
time of our lifee.
Shaking the reefs I
Jose, the acrobat, hard at work!
Shaking the reefs II
Shaking the reefs III
Shaking the reefs IV
Shaking the reefs V
Mug-Up I
Mug-Up II
Mug-Up III
Pretty view from aloft
Crazy solo sailor
This guy seemed determined to get as close as possible to us - there were moments when a collision seemed inevitable!
Silhouettes & Shadows
Hey everyone, up here!
Lessons on deck - better than in a classroom, I┤ll bet!
Perspectives: shoe vs. ship