Victoria Wooden Boat Festival 2004
The 2004 Victoria Wooden Boat Festival and SALTS 30th anneversary
Entrance to the Victoria Classic Boat Festival
Pacific Grace entering the harbour
Bowsprits in the shadows
Busy Ship
Carla & Sara
SALTS Alumnae
Crew Relaxing
Empress Hotel as seen from the ships
Swift Figurehead
Grace & Swift at the Dock
Mug Up on Deck
Climbing Among the Flags
Touching the Top of the Mast
Looking Up
A Plethora of Masts
Mug Up II
Mug Up III
Pennants and Flags Aplenty
Ships in Harbour
Ships in Harbour II
Silhouette Aloft
Skipper Dave
Skipper Dave II
Skipper Martyn
Skipper Tony
Skipper Tony & Kids
Sister Ships