James Craig
Photo: John Spiers

1874 barque James Craig - Australia
Sails Up
1874 barque James Craig bowls along - photo by John Spiers.
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Rusty, the shipīs dog, being played a seranade by the Bosunīs Mate. Photo by John Spiers
Close reaching
Looking forward from the break of the quarterdeck. Photo by John Spiers
From the jibboom
James Craig, looking aft from the jibboom. Photo by John Spiers. If you visit Sydney, come sailing!
A long way down
Hang on! - its a long way down from here. James Craig from the fore royal yard. Photo by John Spiers
Hoisting the yard.
Hoisting the fore topgallant yard after being down for maintenance. Photo by John Spiers
Birthday Party
James Craig (aged 130) dressed up for the birthday party of two of our younger ships, Lady Hopetoun and Waratah, who each turned 100. Photo by John Spiers.
Visit http://www.austfleet.com