Pacific Grace 2003-2004 Homecoming
SALTSī extended family welcomes home the Pacific Grace!
Almost there...
The Pacific Grace coming alongside the float at shipīs point.  Donīt look at the Coho.
Home Again
Wow, that is some georgeous woodwork.
Our Esort (From The Yard)
Taken From the yards this picture shows Mike Booth on the main, the Swift and Trial Islands in the background
The Escort From Our Perspective
Two Friends Meet Again
The Grace and The Swift meet after nine months trainees on one family on the other
The Grace Rounds The Bend
Our First Sightings of the Grace - !Sailing! into Victoria Harbour (which I thought wasnīt allowed...)
The Escort
The Pacific Swift, and a small armada of harbour ferries escorted the grace into port.
Manning the Yards
In the finest maritime tradition...
Ships Point
The welcome home cermony was held at Ships Point Warf (where else!)
Happy Birthday!!!
If you were there - then this makes more sense... suffice to say that the young lady in this photo has some very sly Grandparents - who made certain that everyone on the dock knew just who needed a very public "Happy Birthday" - so I figure, Iīm just doing my part to keep that for posterity :)