Cargo Vessels
As Requested by our users.
One of our jobs is to ship sailing- and motor yachts.
People like to sail in the caribean or mediterranean sea , but don´t want to sail all the way to the destination.
We take care of that part of the job.
Steelproducts are shipped in different forms such as steelbars , steelplates , but also as complete machinery for mining activities in Australia
Project cargo
A lot of different kind of project cargoes. This time we shipped some metrowagons and trainwagons from LaPallice(France) to Melbourne(Australia)
ice sailing
As we transport a lot of forrest products , we have to load often in wintercountries like Finland , Sweden and Canada.
Frozen ships
Too mach spraying water and the forecastle turns into a ice scate run. Slippery and dangerous to work on , but nice pictures to show.
Loading Big silos for liguid in Rotterdam for Tokio
A lot of paper is shipped every month again from Finland to USA.
Side loaders
This latest system of loading is done by elevators. This way the cargo hatches can stay closed during loading. This way loading can continue during rain or snow while the paper inside the ship stays dry.
If you like chocolate , you are also depending on us. Full loads of cocobeans in bags and bulk are shipped from ports in western Afrika to Europe and Amerika
¨The Propellor
The m.v.Spaarnegracht in the drydock in Rotterdam. My wife(Irene) and daughter(Nanouchka) in front on the dockfloor.
Dry dock
Nanouchka holding up the whole ship in the drydock in Rotterdam
M.V. Slotergracht acomodation
The acomodation of  the Slotergracht
Stadiongracht @ Baltimore
3 RTG´s (Rubber Tired Ganrty Cranes) on deck. To be discharged at the Seagirt terminal in Baltimore
Star Shipping
Star Nippon at sea
Star Shipping
Cargo container ship